Dynamic Managers —> Happy Caregivers —> Increased Census & Revenue

Employee turnover is costly. On the conservative end, it costs $2500 for every caregiver that leaves and the cost of managers and nurses can be up to 25x that cost!
The direct care turnover average in LTC is at about 70%.
**The relationship that an employee has with their manager is THE factor that most affects turnover**
I help managers to communicate and lead – managers in leadership positions who are STUCK – they feel like they should know better and do better already, but they’re stuck. They are wallowing in “should” – my staff SHOULD be performing better, and I SHOULD know how to handle this – but they don’t know what else to do so they repeat what they know … even when it yields poor results.
Does this sound like you? or Someone on your leadership team?
The culture that the top leadership models day-to-day will be reflected in every community it operates.
Becoming a great manager or business owner, who can build and retain a great team, requires a specific skill set – and most of us stumble along trying to figure out on our own. 
The good news is, you don’t have to stay stuck and keep stumbling. What I do is show you techniques to get you the results you’ve been looking for.
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