Breathe the simple guide to better breathing By Kelly SheetsBreathe – The Simple Guide to Better Breathing for People 50+


Physically, emotionally and mentally, the way you breathe directly affects your quality of life – yet most people aren’t paying attention to how they breathe. This simple, easy-to-read guide will give you tools to understand how to breathe better. Increase your energy levels, improve your respiratory capacity, decrease discomfort and pain, elevate your immune capacity, and enhance feelings of well-being and ease. Learn to breathe better before the way you breathe limits your lifestyle.

Both books include access to 5 recorded meditation lessons.

How to Lead Meditation Groups For Seniors Meditation for seniors

A resource for people who work with seniors


Reduce loneliness, anxiety & stress,
Help to manage pain,
Increase immune & respiratory efficiency
Increase joy & engagement in everyday activities.

  • Specific, concise, effective tools that are easy to understand and use.
  • Access to a new, highly engaging activity that will be a beneficial addition to the daily activity calendar
  • Packed with information to give people who work with seniors the comfort and confidence to lead a meditation group, even if they have never meditated themselves.

This book is a thorough, succinct, intelligent guide to leading meditation. I enjoyed it very much. I have worked with seniors for fourteen years and feel this is a much needed resource for the senior care field. The book outlines the benefits of meditation and breathing exercises (physical and emotional) and provides a step-by-step guide so that anyone can lead a group. I found the section on meditation for those with dementia particularly interesting. I had previously thought that this was not a tool available to people with dementia. This book showed me it is and how to make it successful for them. ~Elizabeth Breen, senior care professional
Kelly Sheet’s book is complete and thorough, giving the exact steps and procedures to help those working with seniors to become skillful in leading meditation groups. Taking a wider view, the meditation and improved breathing techniques explained can benefit those of any age. We can all improve our well-being with the help of the valuable information Kelly provides in this book.” ~ Carol Sanders
“Easy to follow, step by step, instructions on how to teach people to control their breathing and relax. This book is a wonderful resource not only for caregivers and senior citizens but for people of any age. The more flexible people are, the more stable their bodies and the less likely they are to fall. The peace and sense of vitality that comes from being able to breathe deeply is a gift that keeps on giving as the positive effects are felt throughout the body. I will be using these techniques myself.” ~ Bobbi Carducci, The Imperfect Caregiver Blog
This is an amazing book and fills an important resource gap about using meditation techniques for feeling better physically and emotionally as an older adult. Kelly Sheets uses her yoga teacher skills and experiences to poignantly and helpfully build new skills for the readers of this book. Kudos Ms. Sheets.” ~ Karen Love, Gerontologist
This is such a dynamic and important approach to guiding caregivers. This book gives them valuable tools to incorporate into every aspect of their day and to share with the seniors they care for and work with. Bravo on taking it to another level and catering to a population well deserving of this information and support.” ~ Jessica Solomon, author of Senior Cares
“The Author’s experience as a Yoga Instructor and as a Woman who obviously has a heart for Seniors shines through in her new book! Breathing is something we all do in order to live, Kelly, in her gentle way, shows us how to do it more effectively. She explains how to teach Seniors and others the anatomy of Healthy Breathing. There are a host of great exercises as well as a detailed explanation of the benefits of Meditation and Breathing. This book is a resource that can be “Life Giving” to those you care for and about!” ~ Beth, reviewing for her parents who are seniors








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