How to Lead Meditation Groups For Seniors

How to Lead Meditation Groups For Seniors


Reduce loneliness, anxiety & stress,
Help to manage pain,
Increase immune & respiratory efficiency
Increase joy & engagement in everyday activities.

A complete detailed book, plus access to 5 recorded meditation lessons.

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  • Specific, concise, effective tools that are easy to understand and use.
  • Access to a new, highly engaging activity that will be a beneficial addition to the daily activity calendar
  • Packed with information to give people who work with seniors the comfort and confidence to lead a meditation group, even if they have never meditated themselves.

I will never forget a stunned man in his 80′s telling me he could “breath better than I have in 4 months” after one specific stretch. He was simply amazed. Those stretches are here in this course!

“This is an amazing book and fills an important resource gap about using meditation techniques for feeling better physically and emotionally as an older adult. Kelly Sheets uses her yoga teacher skills and experiences to poignantly and helpfully build new skills for the readers of this book.” ~Karen Love, Gerontologist

“I am totally impressed. Blown away!!!  It’s great”~ Deirdre Daly, Executive Director, Autumn Years of Ojai

 Wow! Great course. Your deep knowledge of and passion for the subject are evident in your words. Good for you for doing this valuable work.”~ Carol Sanders

Decrease Stress and Fear. Increase Joy and Connection.

In this complete guide I teach:

  • How to lead a group in a breathing practice
  • The effects of healthy breathing on aging
  • How to use the breath to relax, increase ease and reduce stress
  • How to lead seniors that have dementia
  • What is a meditation and breathing practice?
  • Basic anatomy of healthy breathing
  • How tension is related to posture & aging
  • Stretches to open up the chest
  • The details of setting up a group
  • How to deal with distractions
  • Key responses to common questions

Help Seniors to:

  • be more relaxed and deal with pain
  • decrease their own anxiety, stress and fears
  • improve their memory and
  • feel more joy moment to moment
  • more fully connect to those around them.

Help staff to increase:

  • their confidence & sense of value
  • their ability to connect with seniors and co-workers
  • ability to deal well with the daily stresses of their work and personal lives

A new study has found that older people who take part in an eight-week program of meditation were able to reduce feelings of loneliness and boost their immune systems, according to researchers at the University of California Los Angeles.

Meditation should be considered a safe and efficacious evidence-based practice that can help the geriatric population correct dysfunctions, eliminate impairments, and prevent disease and deformity. ~ Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

 How to Lead Meditation Groups For Seniors



Who it’s for


This book is written to educate caregivers, recreation therapists, activity leaders, CNAs, volunteers, family members, etc to lead groups or individuals in breathing and meditation practices. It is a beginner level course designed to be easy to grasp and quickly shared with others.

These tools are simple and powerful and everyone can benefit from learning the basics. Previous meditation experience is not a requirement!

How is the book specific to seniors?

The book includes information about breathing and the benefits for the aging population specifically. It include physical modifications to the seated postures for those with disabilities and stretches with seniors in mind.

Why I wrote this book:

I enjoy working with seniors. Teaching yoga to seniors is one of my passions. I realized one day that I that could help far more people feel the positive effects of breathing fully if I compiled beginner tools into a course that would be accessible to anyone that works with seniors.

Senior care is where I love to work and I see the potential for impacting many groups of people in senior homes with a breathing and meditation practice, the care staff included.
 While teaching seniors, I have seen many changes occur – changes in perspective, increased range of motion, increased self awareness and deeper relationship with bodies. The classes I have taught to older seniors’ who have very little range of motion surprised me as well. I am continually asked to teach more. There is something unique about how they feel after these short classes with simple yoga movements. The breathing tools they learn can instantly increase their depth of breath.

“This is such a dynamic and important approach to guiding caregivers. This book gives them valuable tools to incorporate into every aspect of their day and to share with the seniors they care for and work with. Bravo on taking it to another level and catering to a population well deserving of this information and support.” – Jessica Solomon, author of Senior Cares




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